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  • GamingMalta partners with European Development Championship November 26, 2020
    Independent non-profit foundation GamingMalta has announced a partnership with the European Development Championship, a series of Counter Strike: Global Offence tournaments organised by Eden Esports and Fantasyexpo. Tasked with the remit of promoting Malta as a centre of excellence in the digital gaming sector globally, GamingMalta was set up by the country’s government and the […]
  • Talon Esports enlists Cavea for audience and sponsorship analytics November 26, 2020
    Hong Kong-based organisation Talon Esports has announced a commercial partnership with sponsorship and audience analytics firm Cavea. Cavea, which works with other esports firms such as Astralis, Fnatic, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and DreamHack, will use its AI-driven platform to provide analysis of Talon’s data ecosystem, making it easier to portray the information to partners. RELATED: Talon Esports […]
  • British Esports Association teams with FACEIT for Women in Esports initiative November 26, 2020
    The British Esports Association has partnered with esports platform FACEIT as part of its ‘Women in Esports’ initiative. As a result of the collaboration, Women in Esports will gain its own organiser page on the platform, with the initiative creating women-only tournaments in order to encourage females to take part in competitive gaming. RELATED: FACEIT […]
  • Sportradar extends betting integrity partnership with Live Media November 25, 2020
    Leading sports data company Sportradar has told Esports Insider that its partnership with Live Media has been extended to monitor the integrity of Movistar Liga Pro Gaming season six, a Dota 2 tournament in Latin America. RELATED: WePlay Esports announces Oleh Humeniuk as CEO With the extension, Sportradar will continue to use its Fraud Detection System (FDS) […]
  • ESI Gambling Report: The Latin America gold rush November 25, 2020
    This year has seen esports betting dominate global news cycles far-and-wide as traditional sports went temporarily offline. Operators armed with esports offerings saw sharp spikes in company KPIs while other stakeholders, yet to take the plunge in competitive gaming, were all but forced to acknowledge the potential of this area. One region of the world […]
  • CASIO unveils FaZe Clan G-SHOCK watch November 25, 2020
    Consumer electronics manufacturer Casio America has partnered with esports organisation FaZe Clan to create a customised model of its G-SHOCK watch.  The collaboration comes as a homage to FaZe Clan, with 2020 marking the organisation’s 10 year anniversary. RELATED: Ben Simmons explains decision to invest in FaZe Clan The limited-edition water and shock resistant watch, […]
  • TECHIIA merges WP Merchandise and FS Holding, pledges $14m-$30m investment November 25, 2020
    TECHIIA Holding, the parent company of WePlay Esports, has merged the assets of WP Merchandise and FS Holding.  TECHIIA plans to invest between $14-30 million (£10-23m) into these companies over the next three years. With the merger, company shares were redistributed between owners Oleg Krot, Yura Lazebnikov (Founders of WP Merchandise and TECHIIA) and Yuri Antoshkin (FS […]
  • Wisdom Gaming Group tapped for NA Legends of Runeterra broadcasts November 25, 2020
    Riot Games has announced that Wisdom Gaming Group will handle North American broadcasts for its Legends of Runeterra esports competitions into 2021. The collectible card game (CCG), which spins off from the League of Legends universe, will kick off the first seasonal tournament in December with a $10,000 (~£7,433) grand prize up for grabs. RELATED: […]
  • Grant Rousseau named Guild director of esports November 25, 2020
    Guild Esports, a UK-based esports organisation co-owned by David Beckham, has named industry veteran Grant Rousseau as its Director of Esports. Rousseau most recently served as Interim Head of Performance, then Director of Operations for Excel Esports. In his new role, Rosseau will look to “bring a winning mentality, and ultimately some trophies, to the company”, according to […]
  • Visit Myrtle Beach, AYCE and Harena Data launch esports recruitment initiative November 24, 2020
    The American Youth Cooperative for Esports (AYCE) and analytics firm Harena Data have partnered with tourism board Visit Myrtle Beach to launch an esports recruitment initiative. The ‘Golden Dragons’ programme will reward young American players with scholarships, jerseys, and a family vacation to Myrtle Beach, a popular tourist destination in South Carolina. RELATED: Waterloo Region dives into […]
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  • What Smash Bros. Creator Masahiro Sakurai Thinks Of The PlayStation 5 November 26, 2020
    “I was able to snag a PS5 on launch day!” Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai begins in his latest Weekly Famitsu column. He was fortunate enough to get a preorder at a chain retailer, adding that noting that the supply outweighed the demand and that it seems he was quite lucky.Read more...
  • The Art Of Assassin's Creed Valhalla November 26, 2020
    Ah, this is always one of my favourite times of the year, the evening where we get to share a ton of artwork that went into the production of a game in one of my favourite series, Assassin’s Creed.Read more...
  • Why Do Demon’s Souls Players Keep Falling Off This Ledge? November 26, 2020
    There are a lot of ways to die in the Demon’s Souls remake. Believe me, the transition to PlayStation 5 has not made this game any more forgiving. But I can’t help but wonder what’s up with this one ledge in the Tower of Latria from which players can’t stop tumbling.Read more...
  • My PS4 Was Fun, But It Was Also A Piece Of Junk November 26, 2020
    The Xbox 360 was as famous for its catastrophic hardware failures as it was its A-tier catalogue of video games. My PlayStation 4 is very close to being remembered in the same way.Read more...
  • WWE Crackdown On Wrestlers' Twitch Accounts Is Causing A Lot Of Drama November 25, 2020
    Over the last few decades, numerous events have sparked talk that pro wrestlers in the United States might finally unionize. In 1986, Jesse “The Body” Ventura tried and failed to start a wrestlers’ union before WrestleMania 2. More recently, the financial hit wrestlers took from the 2014 launch of the WWE Network…Read more...
  • The 12 Best Games For The PlayStation 4 November 25, 2020
    The PlayStation 5 is here, but that doesn’t mean you should count out the PlayStation 4. In fact, given how hard it is to get your hands on a PS4, Sony’s last-gen console is probably your best bet for playing PlayStation games. And, oh man, are there a ton of all-timers. From tight puzzle games […]
  • The 12 Best Games For The Xbox One November 25, 2020
    The Xbox Series X is more or less a suped-up Xbox One, so if you’ve had trouble getting your hands on the newer machine, don’t fret. In fact, given the absence of next-gen launch exclusives, most of the best games you could play on the thing are Xbox One games, anyway. Over its seven years […]
  • Fallout 76 Camps Get Wheelchairs, Following Player’s Request November 25, 2020
    Almost two months ago, a Fallout 76 player who uses a wheelchair made a post on the game’s unofficial subreddit asking for the mobility aids to be added to the camp customization options. The latest Fallout 76 update, released today, honors that request.Read more...
  • World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Manages To One-Up War Crimes in New Questline November 25, 2020
    I can’t imagine a fate worse than death, but thankfully, the writers of World of Warcraft don’t suffer from my same lack of imagination. In a new campaign introduced in the Shadowlands zone Bastion, the WoW writers have managed to concoct a scenario as horrifying to me as when Sylvanas Windrunner decided to do a […]
  • The 10 Best Deals of November 25, 2020 November 25, 2020
    Wednesday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals